West Ridge Trail and Prairie Creek Loop

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
6.0 miles760 feet elevation gain
Peaceful walk through old growth coastal redwoods.

Beautiful, towering trees are the highlight of this trail. With plenty of shade, this is a fairly peaceful walk for most of the hike. You will encounter downed trees every so often, so there may be a bit of climbing and scrambling to get around them. There are even a few places where you can walk inside the core of the tree.

The first part of the hike is an ascent, followed by a quick descent along Zizag Trail #1. After that, it is a mostly flat walk along the river, back to the trailhead.

Parking is free along the main Newton B Drury Parkway road.

  • Start at the Visitor Center
  • Head east on Prairie Creek Trail
  • Quickly turn left towards Nature Trail/West Ridge Trail
  • Make a right onto West Ridge Trail
  • Continue for a few miles and make a right onto Zigzag Trail #1
  • Turn right onto Prairie Creek Trail
  • After a few miles, you'll come across two intersections with the road.
  • Cross either one, and head towards Big Tree Wayside
  • After admiring the tree, head south on Cathedral Trees Trail
  • Follow signs back to the entrance
Trail Type
Exposure Type
Mostly Shaded
Easy Parking Recommended River
50 - 65°F
48 - 60°F
November 14
45 - 58°F
November 15
46 - 63°F
November 16
41.402°, -124.042°