Sunol Regional Wilderness
4.9 miles1150 feet elevation gain
Ascend along a creek to see Sunol's Cave Rocks, High Valley Camp, and Flag Hill.

Fantastic park located right behind Mission Peak Regional Preserve with numerous trails and sights. Phenomenal in the spring when the grass is green. Can be challenging on a hot day. Even the cows will keep huddled under trees when the sun is glaring.

For the trail below, descend carefully down Flag Hill trail. The trail is narrow and can be slippery. It may be worthwhile to flip the directions and climb up Flag Hill trail for those wary of heights.

  • At the time of making this post, Google maps has not been updated to include all the trails highlighted below. Grab a map at the trail head, keep an eye out for signs, and try not to get lost. If you're following my trail map below, don't forget to make the loop around the parking lot; it is essential :)
  • Start at the trail head on Hayfield Road.
  • Cross the footbridge then turn right onto Canyon View Trail
  • Turn left onto Indian Joe Creek Trail (Not to be confused with Indian Joe Nature Trail, but it is okay if so. The two trails will intersect after ~1/4 mile.)
  • Continue for about mile to Indian Joe Cave Rocks
  • Stop and admire Indian Joe Cave Rocks
  • When ready, continue along Indian Joe Creek Trail
  • Turn left on Cave Rocks Road
  • Stop and admire the barn at High Valley Camp
  • Continue straight as Cave Rock Road becomes onto High Valley Road
  • Turn left onto Flag Hill Road
  • Take a detour out to the top of Flag Hill
  • Stop and admire views from Flag Hill
  • Back track to the Flag Hill sign post
  • Turn right onto Flag Hill Trail
  • Veer right at the fork back onto Canyon View Trail
  • Turn right at junction with Hayfield road
  • Retrace your steps back to the trailhead
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